Frequent Asked Questions

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Our Groot. Eco-products have complete cosmetic documentation, microbiological tests, and cosmetic preservation, are manufactured in high health and safety procedure,  are registered in the CPNP. Cosmetics have not been tested on animals. The composition is 100% vegan.

Individual batches of creams may be different slightly in color, consistency and smell. This is dictated by the changing nature, place and time of harvesting of plants and resins. The recipe is not changeable.

You can pay via all credit and visa cards and also via bitcoin.Ā 

Why bitcoin?

Our goal is to be innovative in every way regarding the effectiveness of creams, packaging which is friendly to our environment, regarding the payment method. We believe that bitcoin cryptocurrency is the future, and we see potential in it. Therefore we also offer such a payment option to our customers

Shipping cost by post office in Spain:

  1. One product: around 6 euros
  2. More than one: fix price 8 euros

Delivery time is between 3-4 business days.

We do not use any preservatives, so we recommend you store our creams in the refrigerator even after opening. Then you have a guarantee of 3 months freshness and 100% effectiveness of the product. However, if you don’t have possibility to store them in the fridge, try to keep them in the dark, cool place.

Yes, it is a completely safe, but remember that we do not recommend exposing your face to direct sunlight because it may leas to serious demages on your skin and even skin cancer, although Sun Elixir is a great summer cream, but rememeber to use it regularly and if you get out of the water or do sports more often than usually.

We don’t use any preservatives, alcohol, synthetic retinol and other known allergens. They are 100% only made from nature however Avocado and Aloe creams contain negligible amounts of natural essential oil. Apart from that they are absolutely safe and effective for hyperallergics