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  • AVOCADOā„¢ – Hydro Boost, express nutrition and hydration


    The Avocadoā„¢ cream is suitable for the whole family, children, hyperallergic, or people struggling with eczema.

    The cream gives spectacular hydration and nutrition, protects the skin from the dangerous effects of external factors. It perfectly heals shallow wounds and cavities in the skin. In addition, it regenerates and softens the epidermis. It has an occlusive effect, which means that it helps create a microscopic layer on the skin that reduces or prevents water evaporation and protects it against external factors. The avocado oil we use contains fatty acids, proteins, and vitamins and is considered the healthiest oil in the world.

    The composition of the whole cream is genuinely natural, made fresh, on request, from the highest quality ingredient from a nearby farm in Spain. Free from synthetic and irritating preservatives, stabilisers, perfumes, and dyes, you can be sure that you are using the highest quality cream, which is packed in an ecological jar.

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